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Connected Services Solutions

Ahead of the Digital Curve

Ahead of the Digital Curve

Our smart diagnostics give you the flexibility to connect with and optimize the efficiency of any fleet, anytime.

Real-time Data, Responsive Solutions

Whatever the size of your operation, Bosch’s Connected Vehicle Fleet Management system uses up-to-the-minute data and digitalized solutions to optimize the safety, security and energy capabilities of your fleet right when it counts.

Safe & Secure

We are innovators in safety-first solutions. Be it on the road reporting or in-sensor tracking and accident notifications, wellbeing on the road is our top priority.

Driver Behavior

Smart behavior tracking, mobile driver apps and digital logbooks are just some of the ways we’re helping to advance the people behind your fleet’s performance.

Vehicle Efficiency

Reap the benefits of real-time journey analysis, track vehicle consumption and geo-fence your vehicles for complete transparency in every moment.

Connected Moments

Real-time solutions for an optimized performance
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Operational Efficiency

Knowing exactly when and why energy consumption dips or peaks can make all the difference when curbing costs and reducing carbon. Through a custom-built series of sensors and monitoring systems, it’s easy to receive minute-by-minute information on each vehicle, key insights into best routes, fuel, maintenance and even how each driver contributes to the overall performance of your enterprise.
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Real-time Diagnostic Insights

Technology from Bosch is used in practically every vehicle in the world. Our focus is on getting individuals closer to the finer automotive details, where the use of real-time diagnostics and intelligent telematics help to guide smarter decisions around safety and efficiency. It’s a deep dive into knowledge, that brings greater peace of mind too.

Vehicle Health

Identify potential issues and reduce the need for forced downtime via the Onboard Diagnostics Interface (OBDII). Transmitted direct from the car to the web portal, error codes are instantly translated into plain text and recommendations provided in real-time. It’s a truly agile solution to problems – before they occur.

Maintenance Interval

Reduce forced downtimes through proactive planning of workshop visits. We provide accurate information about next service levels throughout your entire fleet, to give you a holistic view on the health of your whole enterprise.
Based on current mileage (miles travelled, time elapsed) the next required service is predicted via data that’s retrieved directly out of the vehicle or calculated from a database. If anything is flagged, drivers are guided towards a trusted partner workshop to ensure a fast turnaround and optimized scheduling.


Avoid penalties due to wrong mileage statements and stay on track with data for more efficient routing. We record and predict mileage and compare it against contract data for you and analyze GPS speeds to help determine possible adaptation of insurance rates and minimize administrative efforts.

Battery Health

Reduce the amount of unplanned downtime and learn about the condition and shelf life of car batteries using intelligent telematics. By using data analytics and specific algorithms, the battery charge level and condition is calculated to give owners and fleet managers the foresight required to keep vehicles functioning optimally.

Vehicle Finder

Know where each and every vehicle is in one click using the Driver Mobile App. GPS location mapping transmits the current location while the smartphone determines the shortest distance and route to it for greater peace of mind and better handling of pool vehicle usage.

Fleet Tracking

Gain the flexibility needed to respond quickly to your customer’s needs. By transmitting the live position of all vehicles, the fleet manager is always informed about the state of the entire enterprise and can better recognize idle times and operational adjustments.


Manage your fleet efficiently with real-time arrival or departure notifications. As soon as a driver arrives at the destination, or enters or leaves a specific point of interest, the device will send a notification. It can also define areas by circles and polygons to prevent inappropriate use.

Driving Score

Reduce accident rates and damage costs throughout your fleet by identifying risky/ non-economic driver behavior. The device also records speed and acceleration as it means to promote a culture of safe, economic driving that’s cost-effective too.

Fuel Information

Make the fuel consumption within your fleet more transparent for reductions in fuel and finance. We help you calculate fuel consumption and fuel levels in every tank to omit the need for manual fuel recording and keep consumption low.


We help you to record all journeys digitally to ensure complete transparency over vehicle usage. For private or business-based journeys, GPS data can be instantly transmitted online and in real-time for usage reports that facilitate smarter fleet management. There’s also the option to edit journey data and export it into CSV for later reference.


We provide a fully customizable reporting engine for operators and administrators of fleets. The dashboard compiles the key insights needed to optimize fleet performance and through comparison analytics, performance indicators are shared to summarize vehicle and driver efficiency in fuel consumption, mileage and driver behavior. There’s also the freedom to compare single vehicles to assess readiness for duty on a case-by-case basis.

Journey Analysis

Increase the efficiency of your fleet through statistics for usage of single cars or car pools. Distance time and number of trips per day are logged, as are unusual usage patterns to keep journeys streamlined and inefficient routes or behavior to a minimum.

Accident Recording & Notification

In the event of an accident, manage accidents and claims effectively through recorded and transmitted data. Via sensors in the vehicle, the exact GPS position of the impact is detected and a notification sent in real-time. This provides the agile approach needed to react early and satisfy customer needs through alternative resource planning.

Accident Call

Response times can save lives. We’re looking to continually reduce your response time in emergencies by the implementation of advanced telematics that forward all crash information to an emergency hotline. Based on the severity levels of the impact acceleration data, the hotline can respond quickly and deliver the right kind of help in any given situation.

Breakdown Call (App)

Reduce downtimes and deliver help when it’s needed through safety related services. In just one click, drivers can request help during emergencies or breakdowns while the app instantly transmits and records all key information including location, vehicle type and error code.

Gas Station Finder

Reduce fuel costs and save money. Based on the current location of the user, the Gas Station Finder app displays the nearest gas stations and provides provisional fuel costs for each one based on database values.

Workshop Finder

Reduce costs for repair and maintenance with the Workshop Finder app. Based on the current location of the driver, the app displays the closest preferable workshop to suit the driver or fleet operator.

Workshop Booking Tool

Steer your drivers to trusted partner workshops as soon as a breakdown occurs or maintenance is due. Through the use of geo data, it’s easy to search for specific workshop offerings in certain locations and understand the full scope of what’s involved during the maintenance and repair process. The tool also lets you read customer testimonials for added reassurance.

Fleet manager Web Portal

The Fleet Manager Web Portal gives enterprise owners and managers the freedom to tap into the data that counts including driving behavior, repair and maintenance. Scalable for single-use or large enterprises.

Driver Mobile App

Increase safety and improve the level of economic driving from your drivers by creating awareness. Drivers get an easy overview about their driver profile, as well as additional information on the current status of their car to create an open communication that helps both parties to better maintain the health of each vehicle.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SDK consists of several different elements that you can be fully customized to your requirements. A white label App (developed by Bosch), 3rd party App (integrating our SDK), the Drivelog Connectivity SDK and the Bosch Bluetooth- or GSM-Dongle.

Data Security

Privacy and security are crucial for user acceptance. We remain committed to well-defined privacy policies that are as transparent as they are user-friendly. For all IoT elements, i.e. assets, network, backend application- and component-specific defense-in-depth strategy, Bosch leverages state-of-the-art protection mechanisms to ensure customer data is kept private and secure.

Pilot Management

We help you to develop the ideal solution for your business model through a tried-and trusted Proof-of-Concept process. Focusing on a defined number of vehicles, we test and evaluate customer-specific requirements in real life, then share the findings with internal stakeholders for approval.

Telematics & Process Consultancy

Leverage our experience and let us help you find the best solution. Based on our background working in partnership with many companies, we are able to consult you through every stage of the development and implementation of your project to shortcut through potential obstacles and optimize processes. We’ll also assign a dedicated project leader to help you get the support and guidance needed for a fast track to success.

Customer & Technical Support Hotline

We support you with our services all around the world. Whether it’s our technical hotline or assistance in an emergency, Bosch call centers operate 24/7 in more than 35 countries and more than 20 languages.


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